Feel more connected to your self + your family. Connect to the magical process of creating nurturing, delicious and wholesome meals based on organic ingredients that arise from the earth.

A Holistic Arsenal

Just as your child is learning the basic building blocks to life, your pantry forms the essential building blocks for your family's meals. This is your arsenal. I will work with you to overhaul your pantry to cultivate better, healthier, options of your favorite items and advise on removing the items that do not provide adequate nourishment.  Available as a digital or in-person session. $125/session.

A Kitchen Intention

What in the world does this mean and how does it work? This session helps orient you to a new process and a new awareness in your kitchen. We work together to dispel the chaos; we set an intention and assimilate positive energy, as we cook an abundant nutritious meal together in your home. Month-long materials including intention setting, menu options and other essentials are provided following the in-person session.  In-person session available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area only. $225/session.

A Menu Rehab

Many families have their set menu of favorites. I will help you rehabilitate each of these favorites into healthier, more nutrient-dense, and nourishing options. Available as a digital or in-person session; a "Menu" consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. $75/session.