Having a 2- and a 4-year old, I know that this dream, this notion, this intention may not be fulfilled every time.  Certainly not when we juggle thinking about, shopping for,  prepping, cooking/sautéing/baking/roasting/sizzling, serving, cleaning up, three times a day, every day. For the pickiest eaters and ficklest of crowds, day in and day out. It is not easy. In fact, most days it is daunting + feels like clear defeat.

In meditation, we often set an intention. “What will I think about in this session? How can taking time and holding space, help me in this matter.”  I encourage you to use dinner-making time (or lunch-making, or breakfast-making, or snack-making, whatever food-making time you can spare) to bring an intention to it.

Make this your moment. Make it intentional. Show up.